4 questions to ask before sitting in the “Top Seat”

So you finally have been offered the role. They want you. This is it! The one where you will be in charge. Some people call it getting the “top seat”. Now what?

A natural reaction and mistake commonly made at this important transition is to be in a rush to sit in the chair. You are impatient to get a good feel of it. To move around in the chair until it feels right. A little to the right…hmmm not right. More to the left…

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Lessons from being a navy seal

There is an interesting development across universities globally that takes its influence from American universities. That is the commencement address at graduation. The more famous ones recently include Steve Jobs at Stanford, Bono at Harvard and even Lisa Kudrow from Friends spoke to her old alma mater.

This weeks article is lifted completely from an amazing address given to the Texas University last month. Admiral William H. McRaven gave a powerful and insightful address from which any leader can learn. This is longer than most of our articles but worth the read. Please feel free to copy and distribute.

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