20 reasons that suggest you need to lead differently

In working with executives over the last 20 years there is a common starting point our discussions inevitably touch on at some point. That is reflecting on and gaining clarity about  ‘What kind of leader do I want to be?” and then “What kind of leader am I’?

This reflection is useful and informative but stops short of the really powerful and sometimes confronting question(s) of “What does the organisation/ role/ team/job need from me as a leader?” This great question forces different thinking and quickly cuts straight to the core.

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5 Key Questions to ask when coaching teams

Up to 50% of the variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team, according to a range of studies. This is quite extraordinary – that one group of individuals can have such enormous impact on the organisation. The organisation’s top team casts a very long shadow.
Coaches can play a catalyzing role for teams to move towards high performance by doing what coaches do best, asking insightful questions. Over the last ten years of coaching teams we have noticed that there are specific questions, that when asked at the right times allow a team to move forward in their evolution.

We call these the 5Q’s.

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