Padraig O’Sullivan presents at The Coaching Hub

Padraig O’Sullivan recently presented at the The Coaching Hub – A Sydney Business SchoolMasters of Business Coaching initiative which promotes business coaching information and development opportunities.

A well attended event with great energy, there was an abundance of generous spirit in the room and a great opportunity for attendees to benefit from the collective wisdom of the presenters.


coaching hub 1 coaching hub 2


The topic for the evening was – “The juncture between theory and commerciality: How to build a profitable and sustainable coaching practice”

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An exciting announcement

On a day when the news is full of election gossip, Presidential debates and economic woes we are delighted to announce some exciting news. 

As of April 1, 2016  our business, OSULLIVANFIELD, will merge with The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group. I will be joining The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group as a global partner working with my Asia Pacific co Directors and global partners, Roma Gaster and Adelle Richards.

We have had a special relationship with The Leadership Circle over the last five years. As many of you know, I have made presentations at TLC Asia Pacific conferences held in Sydney for the last 2 years.  Our organisations have conducted research together and the Foreigner In Charge book series highlights the beneficial insights the leadership circle tools give to senior leaders navigating complexity, such as expat leaders.

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Padraig O’Sullivan featured in Frazer Holmes Coaching podcast

There is a 25-50% failure of assignment rate in expats sent to another country to head up the work there. The failure rates among others going through leadership transition such as those who are promoted, move company, move state or change career industry are not much different. Enter the coach.

Padraig O’Sullivan has been helping guide expats through this failure zone into both happiness and corporate success by “insuring” against nine known failure points using executive coaching. We have much to learn from this area.

Using the Marshall Goldsmith model of stakeholder centricity and his own PALDER framework, Padraig shows us how these ideas can be used in any setting of coaching at all when working with leadership transition.

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