The AHRI HR in Focus Conference is a one-day program of local speakers drawing on emerging HR trends, giving practical insights and inspiration to grow personal and professional success.

Padraig O’Sullivan presented his research study on the day.

‘The leadership diet’ of highly effective leaders.
There is an incredible appetite to understand and create the mechanisms to support exceptional leaders. In 2014 there has been a project which has tapped into just that. Padraig O’Sullivan in partnership with The Leadership Circle ran a research study into effective leadership. Through the use of modern app based technology they discovered ground breaking insights into the daily habits employed by exceptional leaders.

This presentation shares the findings and wisdom emerging from the research. It is relevant to individuals, teams and organisations in highlighting the habits enabling exemplary leadership. It has a balance of presentation, interaction and reflection and the presentation will engage, inform and educate. The general flow is:

  • How did this come about?
  • What was the research?
  • How was it constructed?
  • What were the findings?
  • What does this mean for you?
  • How can HR practitioners both adapt these practises for themselves but also enable them in the organisations they support.

The slides and other useful materials are available for download by completing the form below.