Padraig O’Sullivan presents at The Coaching Hub

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Padraig O’Sullivan recently presented at the The Coaching Hub – A Sydney Business SchoolMasters of Business Coaching initiative which promotes business coaching information and development opportunities.

A well attended event with great energy, there was an abundance of generous spirit in the room and a great opportunity for attendees to benefit from the collective wisdom of the presenters.


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The topic for the evening was – “The juncture between theory and commerciality: How to build a profitable and sustainable coaching practice”

According to the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, there are over 43,900 active coaches globally earning an average of $47,900 USD per year. In Oceania (where the Australian coaches were surveyed) the average income is higher, reaching $66,200. Yet the median income for all coaches sits at $25,000, meaning half the coaches surveyed earned less than $25,000 at the time of the survey.

Many coaches overlook the skills needed to build their practice in a commercial sense and spend time on the technical sides of their coaching work.

Padraig outlined some key ideas for coaches to utilize in order to move beyond the traditional ‘fee per session’ delivery and move towards packaged offerings. Padraig has been a practicing executive coaching for almost fifteen years working across Australia and Asia, the Middle East and occasionally in Europe. He is also an Honorary Fellow at Sydney Business School and the author/co author of six books.


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