Simplicity does not precede complexity,
but follows it.
Alan Perlis


Most leaders admit that there is an uncomfortable, growing gap between the rate at which change and complexity is expanding and the organisation’s capacity to creatively adapt. The current economic, cultural, environmental, and political challenges prompt a deeper enquiry into a better way forward.

In May 2015, The Leadership Circle held their annual Asia Pacific Conference around the central theme – Navigating Waves of Complexity.

Padraig O’Sullivan, Managing Director of OSULLIVANFIELD was a keynote speaker presenting:

One Act Down, Two To Go … Where Will This Story End Up?

A ‘real time’ story of leaders navigating complexity in a business transformation.

When a leadership team decides to embark on a business transformation some elements of that journey are planned, some are reactive and much is unexpected.

Usually when such case studies are presented to a public audience the journey has been completed. The wonderful stories of these transformations contain amazing results that seem to have been relatively easily achieved and beautifully wrapped up in a neat bow.

However the reality of how the organisation got to that end place is usually filled with moments of ‘three steps forward and one step back’ and questions like ‘what do we do now…’?

Allan Tillack – Country Head, Australia & New Zealand, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals – and his leadership team are one year into a three-year transformation. They have achieved great early results, received positive recognition, encountered some surprises but remain committed to continuing to their espoused destination.

In this presentation hear from Allan Tillack, other leadership team Directors and Padraig O’Sullivan – Partner, OSULLIVANFIELD – to understand the realities, warts and all, of a transformational story as it is unfurling in real time.


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