Look, Listen & Learn

PALDER is a proven framework to support executives making transitions. “P” refers to Pre-Arrival, specifically the actions and thinking required in the preparation phase of the transition. “A” is for Arrival and the thinking and actions needed to ensure the best possible start. Essential elements for these phases are establishing a clear mandate and deep awareness of your strengths and development needs. This is explored in our article on Starting Well.


In our coaching work, the reflections and actions we encourage our clients to work on in these steps help answer the first of two critical questions: “What do you need to focus your time and attention on?” Once this critical “what” question is answered, you can then start to consider the equally critical question of “How should I go about achieving what is required of me?”

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How well prepared are you to start?

We are all seasoned starters. Starting is something that we do everyday, week, month, year – of course with different things but it is a competency that we all have unconsciously developed.

But just because we are familiar with starting doesn’t mean that we find it easy or that we are good at it.

The struggle often comes in the starting of things over which we may not have had choice to undertake i.e. significant life changes, restructures, mergers or the things we choose to undertake i.e. an expatriate assignment or a promotion.

This is clearly evidenced in our work with expatriate leaders and is a key area of focus in the book: Foreigner in Charge: Success strategies for expat leaders in Australia.

Even though undertaking the assignment is something they have worked towards, are excited about and are willingly undertaken – often the experience and outcome is suboptimal – partially attributed to the failure to Start Well.

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