“You brought us from base camp up mount Everest”.     
Dean Phizacklea, Global head Strategic Marketing

Team coaching

Up to 50% of the variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team (Peterson, 2003 and Thomas, 1998). This is quite extraordinary – that one group of individuals can have such enormous impact on the organisation. The organisations top team casts a very long shadow.

There is a tension between ‘fighting fires’, dealing with the loud, immediate short term issues that are demanding of resources and attention versus investing in the achievement of the longer term goal to enable strategic success.

Our experience of working with leadership teams shows that successful teams develop the capability to be able to manage with the ‘dual horizons’ of the ability to see and contain the immediate issues within the context of the broader organisation.

They achieve through a process of facilitation by an experienced OSULLIVANFIELD team coach, they gain clarity and shared understanding on the answers to 5 key questions and using this as the navigation template.

Click to read our white paper on Developing a high Performance leadership team

Facilitating leadership team meetings

High performing teams spend time together.  Most leadership teams benefit from spending quality time ‘off-site’.  We are skilled at supporting CEOs, MDs and functional leaders to plan, prepare and facilitate effective off-site meetings.  Each session is totally tailored to the organisation.  We spend significant time up front to understand the desired outcomes, the individual participants and the ideal agenda.

Having an impartial third party to support the process allows all team members to equally participate.  Our consultants also act to moderate to ensure constructive debate and generative thinking; challenge patterns to inject fresh thinking; provide feedback on process and behaviour so as to enhance team performance.

Our approach

We have developed an overarching framework called  ’the 5Q process‘.  This is based on the fundamental questions a team needs to answer to help them move to a high performing team.

The process focuses on five key mandates essential to team success:

  1. Understand the unique mandate as a team
  2. Recognise the inter-dependencies between the team members in delivering that mandate
  3. Effectively utilise the dynamics that exist in the team
  4. Deliver to all stakeholders
  5. Continually learn; we take a team through a journey to becoming truly high performing



“…the coaching elevated the whole leadership team to a higher level beyond my expectations…groundbreaking for us as a team…”
Peter Strachan,  CEO TransLink Transit Authority