A recent report suggests up to 85% of organisational change programs fail. Given the investment in leadership development this is a damming statistic of leaders ability to do what they are paid to do.

An organisational culture can both accelerate and hamper a leader’s organisational transformation effort. The collective leadership behaviours, mindsets, values, signs, symbols, narratives and ways of working all go to create a culture that underpins performance.

We have seen very positive examples of high performance culture development through the systemic development of leaders. All observed examples have been achieved through a 2 year process of multiple, connected events that focus on the N to N-4 level leaders.

Our experience suggests leaders need to develop a map of inter connected multi events that all go towards building a high performance culture. These are demonstrated in the diagram below.

Download our White Paper here that provides further detail on Developing a high performance culture through a systemic leadership framework. 

“Your team’s support of coaching of our leadership team has had a direct impact on the success of an organisation”
Erica Mann, Global Head Pharmaceuticals

“True organisational transformations come about with true partnerships. This has been ground breaking for us as a team.”
Dean Phizacklea, Global Head Strategic Marketing

“Essential in helping me jump for a country head role to a COO role and in helping our leadership team collectively lead across the Asian and Middle east regions.”
Steve Keys COO Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East Software AG

Leaders need to transform themselves and their teams first if they ever want to transform their organisations. This cannot be done without insight and help from transformation experts. We believe that a values driven leader who understands the disciplines and rituals of high performing teams can transform an organisation into one where sustained high performance is possible. Integrating team based research, performance psychology, social media platforms and understandings of tribal cultures, we design programs for leadership teams and whole organisations.