The role of CEO is one of the most demanding and complex roles available. CEOs have positions of power and authority, yet to be successful they must be able to influence, gain and retain support from diverse stakeholder groups.  This often involves understanding and reconciling competing priorities.  The reality and practicality of working within this context can be challenging.

We support CEOs as coach and sounding board, to reflect, gain clarity, establish and execute their agenda.

‘C’ level leaders for the first time

Many executives who join a senior team for the first time find it is an experience for which they are under prepared.  We help them comprehend and become confident in their new ‘cabinet’ role – becoming a business leader, not just a manager of a slice of the business.  Fast tracking this transition helps them make a valuable contribution to their own and the business’ success.

We believe it is vital for executives to experience coaching as something that benefits them both professionally and personally; something that challenges and stretches whilst delivering rewards.

Typically based over a twelve-month period our programs are tailor designed to the organisation’s needs and the individual’s development areas. We act as sounding boards, provide tools and techniques to help the client perform and regularly pulse check with the organisation on how this new executive is performing and where tweaks might need to occur.

Based on quarterly objectives we co-create the learning and business outcomes that demonstrate this person is assessing their role and business thoroughly, correctly developing their strategic plans accordingly, enrolling support from their functions and business units and putting into place strong execution plans. Tailored coaching often includes testing of strategic assumptions, influencing other C level executives, presenting to the non Executive Board, developing an effective operating rhythm for self management, developing sustainable habits for exceptional leadership, maturing their leadership perspectives and shaping a high performing organisational culture.

Our coaching and learning interventions are paced to client capacity; are intellectually robust; challenging and are linked to both the organisational and individual’s objectives.