Completed your 2015 leadership progress report yet?

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It only takes 20 minutes and could change your 2016 dramatically!

Seth Godin’s recent blog was an inspiration for this:

We are in November and many students are doing exams. They will soon receive reports to share with parents about their academic progress for the year. In the southern hemisphere this marks the end of the academic year followed by the long summer holidays. In much of the northern half it coincides with cold and maybe snow filled months ahead! In the business world we have about 6 business weeks ahead which includes the season of Christmas and end of year celebrations.

I propose that as leaders, this is as good a time to take stock of your leadership progress and record this in a report for yourself.

Some of us will have participated in a 360-feedback process this year and may feel that’s enough. I disagree.

Like any important endeavor, taking time to review progress is as important, if not the most crucial part, of starting the endeavour in the first place. Previous blogs  have demonstrated the importance of post implementation measurement, so no need to revisit those ideas.

If we believe that leadership is important (and by the way I believe that leadership is the most important enabler of strategy there is for an organisation!) then measuring leadership progress surely must be the most crucial part of that endeavour.

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, beer, red wine or whatever lubrication suits you best; turn off your phone; switch off the emails and find a quiet place for 20 minutes. Take a sheet of blank paper or better still download the workbook we have created for you and review what progress you have made in the your leadership over the last 12 months.

We have created a workbook you can pass around to your team to get their input so you can have a sense of whether the impact of your actions match your intentions.


Download the workbook here


Remember to be honest. This is work on you for you. Self awareness is the necessary starting point for growth.

Enjoy the exercise. Celebrate progress! Take the learning. Start your thinking of where you would like to grow in 2016.