Being nervcited….!

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As every entrepreneur, innovator or business leader that is involved with a major project knows there is a moment when it finally comes together. Finally, you are ready to launch, sign off or let go. Some people say this is similar to birthing a baby…I never have actually birthed a baby so I don’t know!

The emotions however are similar. Nervousness and excitement all in one.

Nervciting is a term that my daughter uses to explain her state of a mix of nerves and excitement. She is a talented dancer and being nervcited is what happens for her before every performance.

I had a “nervciting” experience this week. I was nervcited as the final proof for my upcoming book “Foreigner in Charge: Success strategies for expats in Australia” landed on my desk. Click through to read more about this book.

This is now “real”. Its production has come from years of working, thinking, discussing and writing. Seeing it in its tangible form makes me grateful for the wonderful people and experiences that have been fundamental in its development and for their support. As Seth Godin says you are not an artist unless you ship your art, i.e.. You are not a leader unless people are following you and you are not an author unless the book is released.

I am especially proud to receive and grateful for the contribution of Marshall Goldsmith who has written the forward for the book. Marshall is a legend in the leadership and coaching world so his endorsement and encouragement is invaluable.

I had the pleasure of sharing dinner at Attica with Marshall last month when he was in Melbourne. It was a night of stories, laughter and learning. What it reinforced for me was that when you know what you are good at, you apply that to helping people and gaining satisfaction from the success of others then everyone benefits.

This is what I am hoping for with the book. That expats, their families, their organisations all benefit and flourish. That just makes me nervcited!

So when was the last time you got nervcited?

What excites you to deliver something beyond your comfort level?

How can you add more benefit through the work you do….that might be nervciting!