OSULLIVANFIELD is an exciting leadership consultancy that works side by side with executive leaders as they transition into the most senior roles of their career. Our coaches and consultants get to work on exciting assignments in trusted environments.

Our coach development program is based on tertiary level evidence based coaching knowledge coupled with business orientated pragmatic insights. Our founders are respected academics in their own rights and have developed coach education curricula internationally.

We believe in ongoing development and supervision. All of our coaches take part on monthly supervision with a qualified business orientated coaching supervisor as part of their development. Our online coach education portal is crammed with videos, podcasts, webinars and written materials that not only ensures each coach has the best resources at hand when working with clients but also our standards are maintained internationally.

People join us for a number of reasons

  • They want to work on exciting assignments and do great work.
  • They love working with international leaders who are leading multi national organisations.
  • They want to be stretched and grow in a professional environment.
  • They want to be in a leadership consultancy that genuinely is operating at the cutting edge of leadership research and Is innovative in it’s implementation.
  • They want to work locally but have a global mindset and enjoy partaking in a learning environment that is international.
  • They want to be a business owner but want to be part of a supportive licensee network that collaborates across borders together.
  • They want to be part of a company that is going places.


People work with us in a number of capacities

Associate level: Trusted and accredited coaches or consultants that we have deemed to be at the level of professionalism and ability that our internal team operate at are invited to partake in select assignments on a case by case basis.

Consultant level: Trusted and accredited consultants are invited to join the organisation to join our delivery team. Specific areas of expertise or industry backgrounds are sought after depending on which geo graphical market we are recruiting in.

Partner level: Experienced and accredited consultants are invited to become Partners in different geographical markets. These are by invitation only after a sustained period of successful delivery and adherence to our strict business and consultant development programs.

Country head level: In some geographical areas we operate stand alone business through a licensee framework. Experienced consultants who have undergone our intensive accreditation programs are invited to apply for approval.


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