Transition (noun)
The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

We believe leadership matters. Whether as a role, an action or an output, great leadership changes the world and always has. However for most leaders the transition to the executive level, to being an expat leader in a new country or the journey to becoming a high performing leadership team is fraught with difficulties and often results in failure.
We are dedicated to accelerating leadership transitions.

We are a leadership advisory firm that specialises in accelerating leaders to being effective in their roles and sometimes even brilliant. Our mission is to help leaders of private, public and government organisations internationally to transition effectively into their roles so to lead brilliantly. Their success is our success.

We specialise in working with C level executives such as a new CEO’s, CFO’s, Expat leaders and Executive high performance teams. Whether new to a role or new to the country, the new leader wants to be successful …fast. The leadership team wants to transition from being functional to high performing. The CEO wants their organisation to confidently deliver their strategy.
We help you achieve these outcomes.

Our Coaches and Consultants are seasoned executives who have led organisations and held expat leadership positions. We understand the reality of difficult transitions. The experience of working internationally as executives coupled with our collective education in leadership has led us to specialise in accelerating leadership transitions.

Our methodologies are based upon international best practise and are tailored to each leader’s specific issue. We hold Academic and Teaching positions at leading business schools which ensures we stay current in all business related research and bring the latest thinking to our clients.

Read our Biographies here and click onto the short video on each individual page to ‘meet’ us. We describe what we love about this work and why we do what we do. Having a sense of meaning about our work is important to us, which our clients appreciate. Hear about the type of clients we love to work with and how help them.

We are passionate about supporting international leaders transition successfully. We are seen as thought leaders, particularly in expat transitions and are interviewed on radio and published in major magazines. Our latest book, Foreigner In Charge: Success strategies for expat leaders in Australia, is the leading book in its category.

Expat families are often the forgotten part of the transition. We have set up the online community to support the wider expat community to ensure they have a successful adventure.

Regularly check our Media and Resources section as we frequently upload videos, articles, and even some of the client tools. Feel free to download them and give to anyone who might benefit. In the video series “Insights from the Field” you will hear from team members about typical scenarios we encounter with our clients. You will get a sense and feel of our expertise and maybe even pick up a tip or two with our compliments.

Our blog, The Leadership Diet, deals in all aspects of leadership transitions and excellence. In short, it is a collection of what to do and not to do to be an exceptional leader. A leadership diet really!

In the News section you can keep up to date with what we are doing or where we are appearing. We often present at conferences as specialists in transitions and exceptional leadership.

We are only ever as good as our last assignment. Case studies are uploaded regularly to outline an interesting client experience and demonstrate the value they have gained. There is a range of interesting examples from individual coaching, ‘C’ level transitions, top team coaching and organisational wide culture change programs.

Throughout the site you will hear from clients who share their experiences and highlight what they found particularly useful in working with us.

Our specialised programs, The Expat Program, The Executive Transition Program, The High Performance Team Program and Shaping Organisational Culture programs are outlined and highlight the core benefits and who they are designed to help.

Successful leadership transitions are often down to successful partnerships. Our business is no different. We introduces our Partners and shows where and how to locate them.

If you want to chat further to see where we can help you, contact us here.




The coaching was key in helping me to be successful in my new role. Understanding what to focus on, who to influence and how to manage ambiguity were all very important

Global Head

Global Head

Strategic Marketing / Abbott

I have no doubt that the coaching ensured that I focused on the right areas at the right times to get the best outcomes. A trusted advisor on tap

Peter Strachan

Peter Strachan

CEO / Translink

The coaching elevated the whole leadership team to a higher level beyond my expectations. Ground breaking for us

Avant Mutual

Avant Mutual

/ Avant Mutual

Our team is better placed than before you started working with us, more aware, more knowledgeable and armed with a map that everyone can read

J. Moller

J. Moller

European Medical Director / Abbvie Pharmaceuticals

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression as a new leader. This program is essential. I recommend it to everyone coming to Australia in an executive position.

J, Bos

J, Bos

Human Resources Director, USA / Reckitt Benkizer

No question was wasted. She expertly created a sense of trust immediately and moved me to discover new strengths and outcomes through action

Managing Director

/ Digital Media Company

The work flows were mapped out to help understand the inter dependencies amongst the team. This was a first for us!