A Year of Thank You’s

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December brings many endings, end of a quarter, end of financial year for some organisations, end of calendar year for many others, end of academic year in some countries and end of trading years in others.

It also brings an opportunity to stop to thank others for their contributions to your business or individual success throughout the year. As the final blog edition of The Leadership Diet for 2015 I want to take a few moments to thank some of you for your help, assistance, insights, contributions, patronage or inspiration.

Firstly, you the readers. Thank you for reading, commenting, leaving feedback messages, forwarding these blogs on to your colleagues and friends and basically being the audience. Writing every week is only as useful as you, the people reading it every week, find and use it. It is a real pleasure when we receive an email from someone saying “I loved this blog” or “your blog was forwarded to me from my colleague” or, as in a few times in 2015, “we used your blog as a discussion point in our latest team meeting”. We will continue to write The Leadership Diet in 2016 and look forward to your ongoing readership.

Thank you to our clients who invite us to help them in leadership transitions and organisational transformations. We love what we do and are grateful that you love what we do too!

Thanks to Allan, Stephen, Dan, Paul, Owen, Sophie, Eduardo, Suresh, Mike, Paolo, Megan and all the other amazing CEOs we have worked with this year. We respect your daring and courageous leadership. Life as a CEO is a career pinnacle achievement accompanied by loneliness, nervousness, continual testing of oneself and ongoing realisations that true success lies beyond the role of CEO.

Thanks also to our former clients. Without working with you and achieving those successful case studies we would not be working with our current clients!

Thanks Vernon at Phlow for all the visuals, aesthetics and ease of working with you.

Thank you Kevin for the amazing messages you tell through video.

Thanks to Sinead, Greg and teams for keeping us on track!

Thank you Mark and Karen at Exisle Publishing for taking our Foreigner In Charge series to the world, so to speak. Looking forward to Frankfurt! Thanks to the range of bookstores and outlets that are stocking the Foreigner In Charge series. We were delighted to hear some of you have been out of stock on a few occasions this year!

Thanks to Marshall Goldsmith for endorsing the series and for your kind words.

Thanks Gordon, colleagues and students at Sydney Business School who share the Masters Of Business Coaching Degree in learning and teaching capacities. What a great degree.

Thanks to the abc, Foxtel, Sky Business, HRD magazine, Qantas, SMH and all the others who showcased our work in their publications or shows this year. Great to have your interest and support. Thanks also to Deb McInness and her team is facilitating those introductions.

Thanks to the team at The Leadership Circle who invited us to present at their conferences again this year. Always fun to be involved!

Thanks to Rich Hirst and team at the International HRD Forum for you ongoing support.

Thanks to those people I met in Cumbria at the David Whyte week-long program in the Yorkshire mountains. What a blast and what amazing people who showed up.

Thanks to my better half- she who encourages greatness and gently reminds me when greatness is missing or needed!

Lastly and by no means least, thanks to our team. Without great coaches and consultants in our business we could not deliver the support we offer to our clients. In one particular week earlier this year I received independent feedback from a range of clients about every single one of the team and how they were assisting. In our own way we are making a dent in the world.

On December 31, 1989, my favourite band played a NYE gig in Dublin with BB King as support. Why that is relevant is that Bono announced to the audience the band “needed to go away and dream it all up again”. As a band they have proven themselves extraordinarily capable of dreaming it up again and continuing to evolve in their industry. I am taking time in the snow and the sun over December and January to ‘dream it all up again’ and look forward to writing about it in 2016.

Have a great end to the year and start to 2016.

Thanks again,