It starts with you

“We spent time working with really expensive consultants to develop our strategy and plan for the next five years. It looks fantastic. The board approved it in one meeting. All good. Yet six months later we are struggling to gain traction” the CEO said to me in our first meeting.

“How successful have you been in executing your strategy in the past?” I asked.

“To be honest we have not spent much time on developing strategy, priorities and projects other than the spreadsheet of financial projections we send to our superiors, so this is new for us” she replied.

“In that case, how did you and the leadership team decide to lead differently this time given that you wanted a different outcome to previous attempts?” I asked.

“Lead differently”? she asked, looking rather confused.

“It all starts with you, the leadership team. If you don’t lead differently then nothing changes…”

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3 reasons capitalists need compassion

We’ve all come across them; truly great leaders who seem to have that “X” factor. It could be your basketball coach, your first boss or further removed, Alex Malley, Gail Kelly, Bill Clinton or that other Bill – Bill Gates. The Bill who first convinced teams of people to put a desktop in every home and who now is leading teams to solve some of the world’s biggest health and social challenges!

The shared “thing” that may be contributing to this X factor is that they practice compassion and empathy and use it to drive results according to new research from the field of neuroscience.

“What?! I’m a capitalist!” I hear you say. “Compassion and empathy are the remit of those social responsibility people, if it doesn’t impact my bottom line I don’t want to know!”

Well for all those capitalist skeptics out there, here are the 3 things you need to know about the surprising productivity hacks that can be delivered through compassion and empathy.

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