Lead during uncertainty

3 ideas to help lead with during time of uncertainty

Hint: Start close in, look for progress while counting one second 

Last week I had the opportunity to present at the 5th annual Leader development and business performance conference hosted by The Leadership Circle. With a focus on ‘Navigating the waves of uncertainty’ each speaker gave thought and insight to how leaders might develop practices to overcome the challenges faced in uncertain times. We heard all about VUCA, complexities, the Cynefin framework and some daily habits that are useful in these situations. Here are some of the standouts for me.

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9 learnings from transforming leadership teams

Leadership teams set the pace for an organisation’s development. If the leadership team are not developing then the organisation slows down. The development needs to be aligned to strategic needs so as to get value from the time invested.

A generic program not tailored to the organisation’s environment is likely to become a theoretical exercise rather than a practical learning opportunity. High performing leadership teams are increasingly using team coaching to address their specific, collective needs and, in parallel, individual coaching to accelerate and support individual performance.

Here are 9 learnings that have emerged from the work we have been doing in supporting the transformation of leadership teams.

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Why the best leaders develop (boring) habits!

“This has been a game changer for me” he said.

I was chatting with Adam, an executive with responsibility over 1500 retail stores globally, about the last six months of his life. He was reflecting on where coaching had helped. He said encouraging him to develop specific daily habits had changed the way he showed up as a leader, a colleague and a parent. Big outcome!

What was really intriguing though was that Adam was the fifth person over the last two months who had said the exact same thing to me during our end of coaching assignment review.

They each, independently confirmed that building particular habits had resulted in real change to their leadership game: their leadership outputs were beyond any expectation; the feedback they received was more positive than ever received previously. Most importantly, they were really enjoying their leadership roles and expressed delight that they were in flow.

This brings the notion of habits to the foreground.

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Judgement – It can make you or break you

One of the great privileges of executive coaching is working with successful, driven people who are pushing hard toward achieving the aspirations for themselves and their teams. While these people are undoubtedly talented, it is not uncommon for them to occasionally demonstrate poor judgment in relation to their own behaviour.

It also seems that this characteristic is generalised across the whole population. I am sure you can recall for yourself situations where you have heard through the media or your own experience about high profile people – politicians, celebrities, captains of industry, who have been “exposed” for conduct that seems out of character relative to their usual behaviour and demeanour.

Just as it can happen with these public figures, so it happens with individuals in organisations – even the most “talented”. This can be isolated incidents or as a pattern of behaviour.

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