How well prepared are you to start?

We are all seasoned starters. Starting is something that we do everyday, week, month, year – of course with different things but it is a competency that we all have unconsciously developed.

But just because we are familiar with starting doesn’t mean that we find it easy or that we are good at it.

The struggle often comes in the starting of things over which we may not have had choice to undertake i.e. significant life changes, restructures, mergers or the things we choose to undertake i.e. an expatriate assignment or a promotion.

This is clearly evidenced in our work with expatriate leaders and is a key area of focus in the book: Foreigner in Charge: Success strategies for expat leaders in Australia.

Even though undertaking the assignment is something they have worked towards, are excited about and are willingly undertaken – often the experience and outcome is suboptimal – partially attributed to the failure to Start Well.

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Padraig O’Sullivan to deliver the keynote at the 2015 IACC business mentoring program launch in Sydney

The launch event for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce 2015 program in Sydney will see the IACC welcome Consul General Jane Connolly.

The business mentoring program is co-funded by the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Program. The Consul General will by followed by “one of Asia’s top leadership experts” Padraig O’Sullivan as their keynote.

The launch will take place on Thursday, 12th February 2015 from 6pm at Grant Thornton Level 17, 383 Kent Street, Sydney.

To attend view more details here.

Failing to persist or persisting until failure?

Google are getting some interesting publicity recently about their decision to shelve Google Glass and go back to the drawing board with their invention. Their size and impact on the world attracts this attention of course. Many commentators are missing the point here. Google are assessing their innovation and realising that the original intention for Google Glass is not manifesting as planned. They are disengaging from the original plan and starting again.

Quite rightly.

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The Power and Beauty of Simple

On of the great opportunities of a holiday break is to have “the space” to increase awareness of the things that bring you joy or you value. Sometimes it is not until you stop being consumed by other demands or when the opportunity to access these things is denied i.e. their absence, that you consciously recognise their value in your life.

Australian journalist Peter Greste who was thankfully released, after 400 days, from a Cairo prison, highlighted this this week. Peter arrived home to Brisbane this morning. In his initial interviews he spoke of his pleasure in just enjoying the simple things in life that were denied to him during his incarceration like watching sunsets, looking at the stars and spending time with family.

For most of us this resonates at a personal level. Taking the time to appreciate and be grateful for the simple things is an important practice.

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