Impacts of Sydney under siege

The last blog I wrote was encouraging us to focus on being present in the moment and attending to the immediate events and people you are with rather than being distracted.

I am blessed to travel the world for the work I do and live in Sydney, which, for me is a most beautiful city. On Monday we were rocked by an awful incident that we regularly give thanks that “things like that don’t happen here”. Well, as we know now, it can happen anywhere.

It is such a shock and strangely out of sync with life in Australia and I am not sure if I have great clarity of thought about how to effectively respond. This is what I do know.

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School concerts, chest pains and general overwhelm….roll on Christmas!

In the last month I have sat in meetings where three senior executives from Asia wide regional or global positions, have privately confided to experiencing such a state of being overwhelmed that they are regularly experiencing chest pains and tingling down their arms.

Being smart people they have sought medical advice and in each case were told there is nothing physical going on. Their symptoms are anxiety related. Their reality is that their expectations of themselves and the expectations that others have of them are outpacing their ability to stay in control. Their bodies are sending loud messages—this cannot go on!

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