A small idea can go a long way

Over the last three weeks I have had the pleasure of travelling to Dubai, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Brazil and back again engaging with a range of clients on interesting assignments.

A major benefit of travelling internationally for work is seeing ideas in the countries you are visiting and wondering how they might translate in your own country. Sometimes the opposite happens – recognising an idea from home and realising it has translated internationally with positive benefits.

At one stage I was speechless (most people that know me will find that hard to believe) when I realised how an idea from home had spread.

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Leadership insights from doing a triathlon

Regular readers will know I was training for my first Olympic distance triathlon. An Olympic distance is a combination of 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride followed by a 10 km run. I am delighted to say that I accomplished this feat at the beginning of the month. Thanks for all the well wishers for your support over the weekend and the days that followed. Totally appreciated.

As I was running the last few kms I was trying to distract my mind for the obvious pain it was experiencing! My thoughts turned to leadership, which is the most regular topic I think about! Without prompting or indeed much effort I came up with the lessons I had learned from the months of my training program and how that relates to the work we do. Of course I could have been thinking of the warm bath, cold beer or the long sleep that would follow the event but no! The mind does wander into some strange places under stress.

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