A Different Kind of Doing

As some of you may know I am currently training for my first ever Triathlon. My goal for this one is to complete uninjured rather than to compete with anyone else. I hit a bit of a road block this week as I have caught the flu – guess that is somewhat unavoidable when you have your face in pools for so many hours!

I am forced at this point to look at what I am doing and make some choices about how I am able to spend my training time – I need a different kind of doing. What is going to help me get to where I need to be and what am I able to do?

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Being nervcited….!

As every entrepreneur, innovator or business leader that is involved with a major project knows there is a moment when it finally comes together. Finally, you are ready to launch, sign off or let go. Some people say this is similar to birthing a baby…I never have actually birthed a baby so I don’t know!

The emotions however are similar. Nervousness and excitement all in one.

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(Not so) Secret Ingredients for High Performance Teams

We have some very well tested and robust information about what it takes to establish, develop and maintain high performance teams.  Our 5Q model that provides a pathway to high performance for teams provides this framework.

An article I read recently reinforces these concepts and interestingly highlighted some additional features, ones that will not always seem to be the most obvious but when you have a look at them, makes perfect sense.

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Enjoy the silence – That’s all you will have when we are gone

For those of us in Australia, 1 September marks the beginning of Spring. This season brings the promise of longer, warmer days and the re-emergence of things dormant and new life. It is with all these things that many people start to make plans and “refresh” practices.

This thinking was in my mind as I was sitting with a client in a Melbourne coffee shop. In a wide-ranging conversation over a few hours we discussed many things including the life lessons that have come his way. His career started in corporate, then transitioned to an entrepreneurial career where he owned the business and now has transitioned back into corporate.

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