4 questions to ask before sitting in the “Top Seat”

So you finally have been offered the role. They want you. This is it! The one where you will be in charge. Some people call it getting the “top seat”. Now what?

A natural reaction and mistake commonly made at this important transition is to be in a rush to sit in the chair. You are impatient to get a good feel of it. To move around in the chair until it feels right. A little to the right…hmmm not right. More to the left…

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Getting Unstuck

“So what’s keeping you awake at night?” I asked a client in a coaching session last week. Being very honest he said, “I feel stuck”.

Many clients have a similar realisation through their coaching. Even just bringing this into their awareness provides some level of relief as they can now at least understand what is underneath their frustration, conflict, procrastination, insomnia, illness, unsettledness, crankiness, indecisiveness or however else it is turning up.

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What tribe (mob) are you from?

Growing up in Ireland and later living in Australia, a common question I was asked was ”what tribe are you from?” meaning, from which branch of the family are you? In Australia, the word ‘mob’ can be used to mean the same thing. Today, our notion of tribe can be expanded to take on a slightly different meaning. While society, technology and economies have experienced rapid growth and development there are still characteristics of the tribal nature of human beings that show up in workplaces. This can be an enabling or a debilitating force.

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20 reasons that suggest you need to lead differently

In working with executives over the last 20 years there is a common starting point our discussions inevitably touch on at some point. That is reflecting on and gaining clarity about  ‘What kind of leader do I want to be?” and then “What kind of leader am I’?

This reflection is useful and informative but stops short of the really powerful and sometimes confronting question(s) of “What does the organisation/ role/ team/job need from me as a leader?” This great question forces different thinking and quickly cuts straight to the core.

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