3 Unexpected benefits for leaders in practising one specific emotion daily

…there has been a lot of talk about this next song…maybe too much talk…

so said an infamous rock star as he went on to introduce one of their hits in a live album recorded at Red Rocks in the USA many years ago. The same can possibly be said for positive psychology. In some regards positive psychology is humanistic psychology re-badged. However with ongoing research, there are real nuggets of insight uncovered that genuinely help us as people and as leaders. These insights help us to understand ourselves better and provide tools to evolve our leadership impact.

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5 Key Questions to ask when coaching teams

Up to 50% of the variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team, according to a range of studies. This is quite extraordinary – that one group of individuals can have such enormous impact on the organisation. The organisation’s top team casts a very long shadow.
Coaches can play a catalyzing role for teams to move towards high performance by doing what coaches do best, asking insightful questions. Over the last ten years of coaching teams we have noticed that there are specific questions, that when asked at the right times allow a team to move forward in their evolution.

We call these the 5Q’s.

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How being a coach made me a better parent

Coaching schools and Universities who teach programs which lead to coaching qualifications and degrees offer a range of rationales for taking on the field of study. Popular reasons include so as to become a professional coach; a better leader; develop skill sets to compliment other managerial competencies; join the so called “fastest growing industry in the world” or even to become self employed.

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