Lessons from Muireann (a new baby)

Last week I travelled back to Ireland and one of the best things was the chance to meet my brand new niece and God Daughter, Muireann. With my own children well past the baby stage being with Muireann has helped me remember the wonderful things we can learn from babies. Here are the things she has reminded me of and how these lessons help me to be a better Coach. They may well resonate with being a better leader equally well.

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Lessons from being a navy seal

There is an interesting development across universities globally that takes its influence from American universities. That is the commencement address at graduation. The more famous ones recently include Steve Jobs at Stanford, Bono at Harvard and even Lisa Kudrow from Friends spoke to her old alma mater.

This weeks article is lifted completely from an amazing address given to the Texas University last month. Admiral William H. McRaven gave a powerful and insightful address from which any leader can learn. This is longer than most of our articles but worth the read. Please feel free to copy and distribute.

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The MOST positive feedback session I have ever witnessed

Today I saw a leader of an organisation do something that I have never seen done before and it had an amazing impact on everybody in the room.  The Managing Director of a global pharmaceutical who was running the Australian division gave feedback to each of her direct reports in a way that will have a lasting, uplifting impact on them I suspect for the rest of their lives.  Here’s what she did.

full-marksShe approached everybody that reports into the leadership team and asked them for feedback on their leader.  Specifically she asked them to give her some words or phrases that would give her insight into (a) the greatest strengths each leader has and (b) what they like the most about working for that person.

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What’s wrong with work life balance?

Work Life Balance is a common topic that emerges in coaching work. At its heart, Work Life Balance encompasses the view that there should be an equitable distribution of a person’s time and attention between ‘work’ and ‘life’.

The fundamental flaw in this proposition is that it casts a negative perception that work is separate to your “life”.

Work is bad and life is good.

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