Being Fair, Firm and Friendly brings credibility

Firm Fair Friendly  PDF version

In talking with clients commencing in new roles an often asked question is “how do you want to be thought of in the organisation?”. The most common response is to be seen as “credible and respected”.

In spite of this desire what we also find is that many executives actually sabotage or, at least, make it extremely difficult for themselves to achieve this outcome.

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High Performing Sales Teams

It’s not just about training, it’s not just about measurement, it is about bringing process improvement methodologies; statistical analysis; change management and leadership development principles to the art of sales leadership



An organisation lives and dies on its revenues. Yet high performing sales teams remain an enigma to many sales leaders. Jed Wood is regarded as being a global expert in using lean sigma and behavioural change methodologies to assist sales leaders build high performing sales teams. Here he discusses some of our unique offerings and how they assist organisations.