Building Great Leadership Teams – Article

Building Great Leadership Teams  Download our pdf here

Up to 50% of the variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team (Peterson, 2003 and Thomas, 1998).  This is quite extraordinary – that one group of individuals can have such enormous impact on the organisation.  The organisation’s top team casts a very long shadow.

In interviewing leadership teams to identify and understand the barriers to their collective success, the themes that emerge include:

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Opening the offsite – Client Tool

Opening the Offsite – A guide for the Leader   Download PDF here

Having an off site for a team is an important intervention.  Securing venues, accommodation, external facilitation, food and beverage, team activities, diagnostic tools can be costly.  The collective time away represents a significant investment in terms of taking senior leaders out of the business for the period of the offsite.  However the pay back for the organisation can be maximised if the meeting is productive, resulting in clear understanding and pathways for action.

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Developing Direct Reports – Client Tool

Developing Direct Reports – A Guide for Leaders – A Guide for Leaders  Download PDF here

A handout for clients on how to develop their direct reports.  A guide on how to have developmental conversations for senior leaders.  This covers four dimensions for senior leaders to consider when planning regular developmental conversations for their direct reports.

Use this as a planning tool, a conversation tool or merely to share your development ideas for each of your direct reports.